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 We are proud that our products exported to 42 countries

Use of Cocks Machine products on Mozambique

Exporting all kinds of cocksmachine products to repoblic of the Congo

One of the most experienced customers of Cocksmachine from Africa

Use of Cocks Machine products on Comoros Island

Send Cocks machine egg incubator to Ghana

Customer from Seychlles island

Learning installation of the machine with African agent

Customer from Rwanda

Starting negotiation to give reperesentation of Congo-Kinshasa

Nigeria - Lagos IWUDE 2019 FESTIVAL


Cocksmachine sells office in Nigeria


Starting negotiation to give reperesentation of Jordan to Dr.Shaker Alzoube

Starting negotiation to give reperesentation of Sudan to Mr.Kamal mohamed khair ahmed salah

Sending the order of Twin cocks egg incubators for a charity

Customer from Ethiopia

New sales representative in Oman

Customer from cape coast


Customer from Guinea

Customer from Ethiopia

Send machine to Ghana


Send machine to Uganda

Send machine to Oman



Hatching turkey eggs by the Gala cocks

The world understand the differences, all the people consider quality for buying goods

Using the Gala cocks egg incubator in Algeria

Using the twin Cocks in african country

Distributing cocks' products in Afghanistan villages

Hatching quail eggs with the Golden cocks in Mauritania

Hatching eggs with the Gala cocks in Gabon

Hatching quail eggs with Easy cocks in Sri Lanka

Installing the ostrich egg incubator in UAE

Cocks products in India

Sending the egg incubator to the Nairobi

Installing the egg incubator in Bangladesh

Customer from Kumasi city

Customer from burundi

Visit of Burkina Faso business man from Ghana Representative Office